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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for the treatment of Osteoarthritis

These are some of our patients who have benefited from Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for the treatment of Osteoarthritis.  We have seen huge improvements in many of our patients, and many have been able to come off of medications that they needed prior to stem cell therapy! 


"Molly"presented as a 3 year old mixed breed who came to us with hip dysplasia so severe that hip replacement surgery was recommended for both hips.  After discussing stem cell therapy with the owner, we brought in an orthopedic surgeon to perform the hip replacement in the right hip, and stem cell therapy was performed on the left side. Molly's left hip was injected with stem cells, and additional stem cells were administered intravenously, as well. (Un)fortunately, Molly was feeling so good after treatment, she attempted to jump her gate and broke her right femur. The orthopedic surgeon returned and repaired her broken leg. After 3 months, Molly returned for radiographs to assess the healing of the fractured leg (which had healed very well!), but we were struck by the amazing effects the stem cell treatment had had on her left hip! The arthritis had actually REVERSED itself to a certain extent. While we knew stem cell therapy could improve a patient's comfort with arthritis, the visible improvement to the hip joint on X-rays was an unexpected and exciting development.   

Molly Hip Before Molly Hip After

Update (October 2020)  - Molly continues to do well overall for a sweet older girl! She has some stiffness in her rear limbs, but never required surgery on the second leg. 

Darwin"Darwin" – presented as a 7 year old feline patient that had started limping on his left front leg, and was no longer wanting to play on the cat tower or run around the house. In June of 2018, Darwin was diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in the left elbow and mild in his right elbow.  His owner is one of the technicians at Adobe so she knew that cats can’t safely receive most anti-inflammatory medications.  Being concerned about his pain level, she elected to pursue Stem Cell Therapy with the recommendation of Dr. Newland.  Darwin did very well for the procedure, and produced a LOT of stem cells for his initial treatment, as well as throughout the rest of his life.  By August of 2018, Darwin was no longer limping at all, and had begun playing and running up and down the cat towers again!

Update (October 2020) – Darwin continues to do great!  He is on no medications other than joint supplements.  He still loves his cat towers, and now enjoys running up and down the stairs like a kitten!