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When your pet has a medical concern, illness, or injury diagnostics are often imperative to figuring out what the problem is.  Here at Adobe, we offer a variety of diagnostics, but we also work closely with specialists when advanced diagnostics are necessary.

Exam roomExaminations
Our veterinarians will always start with a comprehensive physical examination of your pet during their visit.  This includes the veterinary technician or assistant taking detailed history and vitals.  The doctor will then examine your pet from nose to tail, and then focus on the area(s) of concern.  From there they will be better able to recommend the right diagnostic testing for your pet. 

Radiology Services
We have to ability to perform digital radiographs (x-rays) in our hospital.  While our veterinarians are all able to read radiographs, we are also able to send our radiographs to a board-certified radiologist for a consultation, when necessary.  We do not perform advanced radiology services (ultrasound, echocardiograms, CT scans and MRIs) we do refer to specialists when these diagnostics tests are necessary. 

Laboratory Services
Our doctors currently work with Antech laboratories, and we send most of our labwork to their outside lab. We also have the ability to perform in-house blood work in emergency or urgent situations.  We can also perform numerous types of microscopic testing including: fecal smears, ear cytology, urinalysis, blood smears, and fine needle aspirates. 

Vet performingOphthalmological Services
Ocular (eye) issues are common in our canine and feline patients, and often require some important diagnostics.  Our doctors are able to perform Schirmer tear tests, Fluorescein staining, and Intra-ocular pressure testing.  We also refer to Eye Care for Animals when a patient has more severe ocular disease present. 

Sedation Services
In some cases sedation may be necessary in order to safely performed diagnostic testing.  Sometimes radiographs are scary or uncomfortable for your pet, and pain medication plus sedation may be recommended to keep your pet calm and comfortable.  In depth oral and ear examinations may require sedation so that the doctors can perform a more comprehensive examination of these sensitive areas.