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We love our feline patients and we want them to love us, too!

Vet with a catIn general, cats are brought to the veterinary clinic much less than dogs are. The main reason for this is that pet owners dread bringing their cats to us because they worry about the stress of the carrier, the car, and then the vet visit itself. We want to make your cat's visit as positive as possible so here are some great ways to help make the vet visit more positive! 

Cat Carriers:

  • Pick a carrier that has a top opening or can be easily opened; it's always best if the entire top of the carrier can be removed
  • If you can acclimate your cat to the carrier, it becomes MUCH less scary!
    • Leave carrier in a living space - it can become a comfy bed.
    • Place fleece blankets or a towel in the carrier and leave the door open.
    • Intermittently place your cat's favorite treats inside the carrier to build a positive association.

Pheromones & supplements:

  • Feliway - a feline pheromone that comes in wipes & a spray and can be used on cat carriers and blankets to ease stress.
  • Zylkene - a supplement that can be given to cats several days leading up to stressful events.
  • Rescue Remedy Pet - a liquid supplement that can be given prior to stressful events.

 Extra-stressed feline patients:

  • For our feline patients that become stressed enough by veterinary visits that the situation becomes unsafe for the patient and the staff, we recommend more specific care.
  • For these patients, we will send home pre-visit sedation that will just help your cat with their anxiety and make for a much smoother, less stressful visit!

Check out the handouts below from feline behaviorist, Tabitha Kucera, for some AMAZING information that can help you and your feline companion! 

File NameDescription / Comment
Cat Body LanguageThis handout provides some great information on ready the unique body language of our feline companions!
Signs You Cat Is In PainCats show very subtle signs when they are in pain and it can take some additional insight to know the signs of discomfort in our feline friends.