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This is one of our amazing patients who has benefited tremendously from Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for the treatment of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).  

Gary"Gary" - presented in January of 2013 with the inability to use his rear legs properly, and really couldn't walk on his own.  He was able to propel himself forward with his right rear leg, but as you can see in the video, this was not without great difficulty.  Gary's owner elected to try Stem Cell Therapy as he really didn't have any other options, and couldn't continue on in this condition.  About two weeks after his procedure Gary was able to stand up on his own, but wasn't able to walk yet.  We treated him with additional stem cells one month after the initial procedure, and he continued to make progress from there.  By April of 2013, Gary was able to walk quite normally, and the deficits her had in his right rear leg were markedly improved!  Gary received two more applications of stem cell therapy, and continued to improve to the point of walking normally (and being weaned off of all his medications).  

Update (July 2020) - Gary continues to walk very well, and has not needed any medications since his last stem cell treatment in 2014!