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Technician performing dental workAt Adobe Animal Hospital we recommend and perform anesthetic dentistry procedures on canine and feline patients.  Dental disease not only affects your pet’s teeth, but chronic inflammation and bacteria in the mouth can also lead to heart and kidney disease, as well as other issues.  Hidden dental issues can also cause tremendous discomfort to our pets, and most dogs and cats don’t show pain the way humans do. 

Our veterinary technicians and veterinarians will perform a basic oral exam during your visit and can make recommendations regarding what type of dental care your pet needs.  Sometimes a dentistry is not necessary, and we may recommend implementing at-home dental care.  If your pet has significant dental tartar, broken or fractured teeth, or any other oral abnormalities, an anesthetic dentistry will likely be recommended to take a closer look at the problem.

Technician performing dental work

What is a "dental"?

Why Dental Radiographs are Necessary infographicA “dental” is better named "A Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment" or COHAT. This is because we don’t just clean your pet’s teeth during dentistries. A technician will take full mouth dental radiographs (x-rays), clean every surface of each tooth (including below the gum line) with an ultrasonic scaler, polish every surface of each tooth with a special polisher and paste, rinse the mouth thoroughly, and apply a Chlorhexidine rinse. While the pet is under anesthesia a comprehensive examination of the entire oral cavity is performed - there are many areas that we cannot examine on even the most cooperative pet patient.

Our dental procedures always include full mouth dental radiographs (x-rays) so that we can get the most comprehensive picture of your pet's oral health.  Radiographs often point out problems we are unable to see with the naked eye.  They provide a way for us to see if there are any issues below the gumline.
Example of issues missed without radiographs
Our doctors will also perform tooth extractions and minor oral surgery, when needed. If extractions are necessary the veterinarian or Certified Veterinary Technician will perform oral blocks to numb the necessary areas, and the doctor will perform all extractions and oral surgery.

We will also provide your pet with antibiotics and adequate pain relief, as needed. 

Advanced dental care:
NADSOur veterinarians do not perform advanced dental procedures (i.e. root canals, orthodontics, advanced oral surgery, etc.), but we work closely with Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists for any advanced dental care, and are happy to offer you and your pet a referral.


Please note that Adobe Animal Hospital does not recommend or condone non-anesthetic dentals.  These procedures are purely cosmetic and can cause harm to your pet and their teeth.  For more information on the dangers of non-anesthetic dentistry, please click HERE

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Recommended Dental Treats, Toys and ChewsThis PDF documented includes some recommended dental chews and treats as well as safer alternatives to antlers, Nylabones and Bully Sticks.