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Internal Medicine


Stormy"Stormy"started having some gastrointestinal symptoms in 2014 - this included vomiting, diarrhea, and an intermittent lack of appetite.  In July of 2014, Stormy was diagnosed with hepatic microvascular dysplasia which is a disease causing atrophy (shrinking) of the liver and the liver becomes unable to process toxins within the body.  While the disease is not always life-threatening, some patients can progress into liver failure.  Stormy had adipose (fat) tissue removed at the time of her liver biopsy, and received her first treatment of stem cells after her diagnosis was confirmed.  When Stormy’s was diagnosed her Bile Acid level was 104 umol/L (normal should be UNDER 30 umol/L).  By September of 2014 (two months after stem cell therapy) that level had come down to a very normal 1.8 umol/L.  As well as this remarkable improvement, Stormy’s liver also regenerated to NORMAL size within six months of receiving stem cell treatment!!  Since then, Stormy has received annual stem cell retreatments, and has continued to live a very healthy and happy life - she is now almost 14.5 years young!