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Orthopedic Cases


Watson"Watson" came to see us in April of 2019 because he was not bearing any weight on his left rear leg.  Between Dr. Newland and the orthopedic surgeon at a local specialty center, Watson was diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in his left rear leg.  This is a common injury in the knee of dogs and often requires orthopedic surgery to correct.  In lieu of orthopedic surgery, stem cell therapy was recommended for Watson due to other underlying health issues.  In May of 2019, Watson was treated with stem cells, and received a second treatment three months later. By the second treatment Watson’s mobility had already improved significantly.  In March of 2020, Watson was back to walking well and bearing normal weight on his left rear leg.  Aside from his mobility, Watson has also had some of his underlying issues improve with stem cell therapy, and continues to be a happy senior pup.