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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for the treatment of severe skin allergies

This is one of our patients who has benefited tremendously from Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for the treatment of severe skin allergies.  We have seen huge improvements in many of our patients, and many have been able to come off of all allergy medications! 

Emma Stem Cell for Allergies Adobe animal Hospital,Scottsdale AZ

"Emma" -  suffered from severe skin allergies from a young age. She had been treated with multiple medications, including antihistamines, steroids, allergy injections, fatty acids, shampoos, and topical sprays. You name it, Emma had tried it. With all of the medications that she was on, her owner was spending over $480 a month to treat her. Even then, her owner would rate the control of her allergies at a "7 out of 10", with 0 being best (no allergy signs), and 10 being worst (symptoms unbearable). On January 5th, 2012, we performed stem cell therapy for Emma, and ALL of her allergy symptoms subsided. Previously, when she would come in, her skin was always bright red, very itchy, and sensitive to touch. Emma's feet were the most sensitive, and she never allowed us to touch them when her allergies were flaring up! However, when we see her now, there is no redness, we can actually touch her paws, and her skin does not "crawl" when we pet her! 

Update (July 2020) - Emma did have to start on a low dose of Apoquel for MILD allergies in May of 2019, but she went SEVEN years with no allergy symptoms. Plus, thanks to Emma's banked stem cells from 2012, we were able to treat some arthritic joints she had as a senior dog at 13.5 years of age.  Sadly, Emma crossed the rainbow bridge in the fall of 2019, and will be remembered fondly for her spunky attitude and sweet personality!