Adobe Animal Hospital

7712 E. Indian School Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251



In our efforts to avoid contributing to the spread of Covid-19, and to protect our staff we will NOT be allowing any person(s), except for employees into the hospital, until otherwise decided.

How our curbside service works:

1) We ask that all clients remain in their car (until otherwise instructed), and call from the parking lot upon arrival (480-990-9561).

2) A staff member will take your phone number, form of payment, and ask what "lane" you are in (our parking spaces are lettered A-G).

3) A veterinary technician or assistant will get on the phone and take your pet's medical history and any necessary information regarding the visit.

4) We will ask that you meet us at the clinic door with your pet and will use a slip leash to bring them into the building (we will not carry cats into the clinic without a secure carrier). 

5) After your pet has been examined by a veterinarian, they will call you with their findings and a treatment plan (cost estimate). The veterinarian will speak to you with all exam and diagnostic findings before we charge anything to your credit card.

6) Once we've completed any diagnostics, we will bring your pet back out to you or ask that you meet us back at the door.

We do not require that you wait in the parking lot during your appointment, but ask that you ensure your phone is on and volume turned up so the veterinarian can get ahold of you to go over their findings and get permission to perform any necessary diagnostics.

We are also happy to offer admit appointments (at no additional charge) which will allow you to drop your pet off with us, at a scheduled time. The doctor will perform their physical exam and any agreed upon diagnostics, and then contact you with their findings. We are happy to keep your pet in the office as long as necessary (we ask that pickup occur before 5:30pm unless otherwise arranged with the staff). We do not recommend admit appointments for pets that are highly stressed during vet visits. 

We can be reached at 480-990-9561 or

We truly appreciate your patience and patronage during this trying time, and we will do our best to provide the excellent care that we have always strived to offer.
-The staff at Adobe Animal Hospital

Please follow this link for helpful information from the American Veterinary Medical Association regarding COVD-19 and animals: COVID-19: FAQs FOR PET OWNERS